Public Safety

  • Partner with local law enforcement on more public information campaigns and enforcement to reduce traffic fatalities and speeding in our neighborhoods.
  • Complete design studies at high accident intersections and roadways to determine appropriate courses of action and implement them.
  • Push for adequate pay and benefits for first responders so that we can recruit and retain at levels necessary to maintain safety as we continue to grow.

Traffic & Transit

  • Develop comprehensive local and regional public transit options.
  • Implement connected sidewalks and bike paths, separated from active traffic lanes, including in older neighborhoods where none were built.
  • Work with regional and state partners to fix our regional traffic quagmire.


  • Develop more enrichment programs for kids and seniors, including partnerships to promote education, nutrition, and other needs.
  • Implement monthly town halls and other programs to ensure residents across Round Rock know what is going on at City Hall and have every opportunity to be involved.
  • Work with Round Rock ISD to retain great public schools, as well as promote civic engagement and reduce drop out or delinquency rates.


  • Ensure long-time residents are not priced out by rising property taxes.
  • Encourage diverse housing options for first-time and mid-range home buyers as well as renters.
  • Mitigate the effects of gentrification and revitalize historical neighborhoods.


  • Increase support for our small and local businesses, including minority, women, and veteran-owned business enterprises.
  • Offer civics education where cost is not a barrier to entry to create a pool of city leaders that is more reflective of our community.
  • Partner with schools and other youth-oriented programs to encourage civic participation, volunteerism, and voter registration.